The aim of the conference:
Tourism is viewed as being able to rejuvenate destinations and enhance the quality of life for both visitors and residents. The aim of the conference is to better understand the role of tourism in the quality of life of destinations, their stakeholders, including local communities, service providers and visitors.
Quality of life in tourism is linked with positive (e.g. employment, revenue, etc.) and negative impacts (e.g. economic and social inequalities, unsustainable practices). Therefore it is among the main challenges of today’s world is to bring happiness to a wider range of the population by enhancing the positive and minimising the negative impacts, to ensure the sustainable development of destinations. Tourism stakeholders, professionals have the task to collaborate and jointly develop strategies, innovations and practices for a more sustainable future.

The 2020 international tourism conference organized by the University of Pannonia seeks to discuss actual challenges regarding quality of life, by bringing together leading academics, tourism researchers and industry experts to provide an interdisciplinary platform to exchange ideas, share practices and research results on all aspects of sustainable tourism and quality of life. The official language of the conference is English.

Conference themes:
We invite papers focussing (but not limited to) on the following main streams:

  • Quality of life of local communities
  • Tourism at water/lakeside areas
  • European Capital of Culture
  • Sustainability
  • Measuring tourism performance
  • Human resource in tourism

International conference’s participants: we invite academics, researchers and experts, service providers, representatives of local authorities and/or destination management organizations who are working in the field of tourism and would like to participate in professional discussions.

Publication: Selected full papers will be published in the Pannon Management Review (

Registration fee: Participation at the conference is free.